Summer Dhillon

Summer Dhillon’s personality and contagious energy contributes to a low boredom threshold. She wears a few different hats as a means of maintaining her sanity, but her primary passion culminates in her role as a communications professional, specializing in public relations.

No two clients are ever the same. For smaller businesses, Summer takes them fromconceptualization right through to the final details of execution while continuing to mentorand coach them along the way. For larger companies, she provides the same service solutionswhile also alleviating complex organizational problems and the necessary growth strategies that are unique to larger businesses.

For over a decade, Summer has worked in several industries, but mainly tourism and agriculture. She has developed and executed regional and national campaigns for destinations, farm-to-plate initiatives, farms and agriculture, boutique hotels, and wineries.

 Summer’s greatest strength is her charismatic ability to connect with people, gain their trust and create and cement lifelong relationships. She is creative, but also possesses strong analytical skills, enabling her to see ‘outside the box’ and quickly identify uncommon trends.

She also has a great passion for writing and takes it up in every capacity she can. Her love for the world of academia and belief in the power of education has led her to be a guest speaker at post-secondary institutions and conferences.