Laurent Fadanni

Viticulturist, Winemaker, Poet

Born from Italian parents in Liège, Belgium (2 hours from Champagne), Laurent Fadanni grew up surrounded by amazing wines. After studying Literature and Philosophy, he traveled and taught French in many countries before settling in British Columbia with his wife, Melissa. Laurent’s love and knowledge of wine was the catalyst the sparked the development of Whispering Horse Winery in Yarrow, Fraser Valley. His wine training began with the WSET course (certificate), until he realized he was more interested in actually ‘creating’ excellent wines. With that decision, he took an apprenticeship in Montalcino, Italy, where he lived and worked on an organic vineyard (Casa Raia). Upon his return to Canada, he then learned the ‘science’ and ‘technicalities’ of wine through his enrollment in the Washington State University Viticulture and Oenology programs, both of which he successfully completed. As Whispering Horse’s vigneron, Laurent is able to apply his creative, philosophical, and technical wine knowledge towards making honest, minimalist, and authentic wines. Using only grapes grown on his 22 acre estate, he is committed to express and showcase the unique terroir of the Fraser Valley.

Beside his work in the vineyard, Laurent writes poetry. His books have been published in Canada and Europe. They are best enjoyed with a glass of wine…