The Valley Food and Farm Collective is a not-for-profit association designed to bring together a cross section of passionate, educated and invested people in the community to solve key challenges and create opportunities to shape our food culture and build a stronger connection to agriculture.

Our Mission

Act together to shape a vibrant food culture for ourselves, for our families, for our community and for the future of our Valley!

Our Vision

Use food to transform our community

The Valley Food and Farm Collective was formed on the idea that ‘breaking bread’ breaks down barriers, makes us human, and creates connection. VFF’s goal is to RE-SHAPE and INVEST in our local food culture, redefine our food community and make the Valley the ‘Destination for Food’ in British Columbia. 

We’re a grassroots community initiative founded on a call-to-action by local farmers, food producers and restaurants to establish a more meaningful food culture where local farmers, artisans and chefs are the change-makers, endeavoring to create a culture of teaching, and bridging the gap between what is farmer and crafted with the food that is cooked and shared. 

For decades, in the Valley we have been known for our ‘AGRI-CULTURE’ as a prosperous growing region. But we believe that we can be known for more than just growing amazing food. We believe together we can help shape creating the vibrant local ‘FOOD-CULTURE’ with more restaurants, more support for local farmers.

Board of Directors

Mark Allan – Chair/President
Craig Toews – Director
Marina Gibson – Director
Doug Rempel – Director
Josh Vanderheide – Vice Chair/President
Kelly Railton – Director
Loren Taves – Director

Kathleen Robinson – Executive Director
Sandy Blue – Director
Miranda Chiasson – Director
Kristina Van Bommel van Vloten  – Director